Friday, November 20, 2009

Hobby Photography - cub : 7 Simple and Free Ways to Publicize Your Pictures

Hobby Photography, You've paid attention to as many tips for taking digital photos you could uncover. You know your photos are getting better and better. You're carrying your camera with you everywhere.
So here's one of the more advanced tips for taking digital photos

Publicize Your Expertise
You must be proud of your photo-shooting abilities. You may not care about making money from your skill (you can - it's easy), but sharing the photos can be fun. Why not enjoy yourself?
Here's the 7 free ways to spread the word about your photos.

Tips For Taking Digital Photos - 7 Ways To Publicize Your Pictures
1. Enter a photo contest. Google "photo contest" and you'll find many contests to choose from.
2. Use your best shots to make a video on It's easy and free. Post the video on your web site, blog, or Facebook account.
3. Publish your best photos on a stock photo site such as You can earn royalties.
4. Post your picture to a forum or blog relating to the subject of the photo.
5. Save the best shots on for easy access. Use tags and your shots might show up anywhere on the Internet.
6. Post one of your photos on your PC desktop. If you do this at work, you'll attract a lot of attention.
7. Stage a contest on a forum or on Facebook for the best photo caption. People love to be creative.
You can probably add several more ways to publicize your pictures.

More Ways To Improve Your Photos
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