Friday, December 11, 2009

How Consistent You are at Work

Hobby photography, Some time ago, I have opened a web site?. Web site contains the world's legendary photographers. Ansel Adams, of course, Sebastiao Salgado, Yousouf Karsh, etc. One by one photographer I observed the gallery, so I want to interpret the meaning conveyed by the photographer. Not sure I studied composition, lighting, and momentnya. This exceptional them.

Of course, not only in the world of photography, art branch / other hobbies, too. Eg painting, or cinema. Affandi and Basuki Abdullah, the two artists of different styles. Or George Lucas and Woody Allen, as well as two big names in the answer contrasts.
Then if they do not have? Aberrant? style and is always consistent picture-that's all. The answer may be. A Nachtwey, for example, may sometimes take pictures of butterflies that happened to be in front of his home park. Why not? But, one thing, he probably would not publish the photographs of butterflies. Simply put in the studio and enjoyed themselves. The results of his trip to the Balkans, Indonesia, Africa, etc. should be published. Or maybe Ansel Adams never photographed Hollywood stars? Maybe.
This paper was written just wanted to take a friend or a mild refresh to re-think, if we do not want to be like them. That is, not as famous as them but at least we are known for our work consistently. Actually, to achieve consistency is very easy. Why? Is not our interest to an object has been formed long before we like to be photographed? I like the nature of God's creation ... beautiful to immortalized. Or, well, that section would be nice if I catch with this style. Or? ooh if I bring a camera? Look! Singer who chased the police up to the village! Well, from our minds in fact we already have an interest in a particular object. Follow your heart and your conscience.
The existence of digital cameras and digital darkrooms especially clear helped us to repair / editing, manipulating images and making us attractive packaging images. And this helps us to shape the character / characters / packaging of our photos. [But, be careful to not get caught: very beautiful packaged goods]. Setting its own style.

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