Saturday, November 28, 2009

Editing Your Photographs

Hobby Photography, When you start using your new digital camera you will be amazed at how easy photography has become. You will be able to get great shots just by pointing and clicking. The cameras these days do all the work for you. There is no longer any need to worry about lighting, exposure, focus or lenses. The modern digital cameras can take great shots without you doing any more than pushing the button.

One of the best things about digital photographs is that you can download them to you computer for editing. You can make up photo albums, calendars, stencils for t-shirts or caps, or fridge magnets.

There are plenty of good photo editing programs available. You probably already have one on your computer and another one with your camera software. There are many free or trial versions available for download from the internet. You can try them to find one that suits your needs and then you can buy it.

You can apply many different effects to your photographs. You can make every photo look like a professional photographer took it. You can make your subjects look like fashion models. There are airbrushing tools available for your fun and convenience.

Take the time to experiment with some of the features available on your photo editing software. It can be a lot of fun an educational too. I love looking at my photographs as oil paintings, watercolours and stained glass. Not only is it fun to see the special effects, it can also give you plenty of ideas for future projects.

Some features are of lot of fun too. One my children love is the warp effects. They can totally warp a picture so you have no idea what it was originally, or they can slightly warp a picture so you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks. It is a lot of fun for us all.

Do not stop with taking professional style photographs. Explore the world of editing and see what you can really do with your digital camera and a bit of imagination.

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