Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are We All Professional Photographers?

Hobby Photography, Anyone can paint with light. And, essentially that is what the term photography means. But if instead you ask, "Is everyone a professional photographer?" Then the answer is certainly a resounding no. Too many enthusiastic novices are too quickly calling themselves professional photographers shortly after acquiring their first digital SLR.

The industry is full of individuals with entry-level digital cameras and a stack of fresh business cards usurping their way into the realm of wedding and portrait photography. Unwary consumers of these services are learning too late that a novice in disguise cannot deliver the results of a seasoned professional. Adding insult to injury, even the professionals are falling into question and are having to set themselves apart from the dubious claims of the novice.

As a professional photographer and owner of Angel Navarro Photography, I have discovered with much success that education is the key. By this I am not suggesting that we 'bad mouth' our amateur counterparts getting into the field, but instead inform our potential clients of the benefits reaped from employing a seasoned professional photographer.

There are dues to pay when endeavoring to become a pro photographer. A professional photographer is the product of years of devotion and sacrifice. And, there is a right of passage to earning this title. Expensive gear, hours upon hours of practice, seminars and training and the investment of personal time are just the start. When these, and other sacrifices, are paid for in full, then the right to claim a pro status is earned.

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