Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Composition in Framing Guidelines

Hobby Photography, One common technique used to strengthen the Point of Interest (POI) in taking a photograph is a framing technique. In addition to strengthening the POI, this framing technique can also create photo compositions became much more interesting. As a strong influence in framing the composition to strengthen other rules in general komposisioning negligible.

Some things you can will find in a picture framing is :
1. The stud make the image more impressed in (depth). In a sense, the frameworks will lead to a better perception of the Viewer. Automatically separate POI people with framing perception. Therefore, with the same object, the picture framing will have more dimensional than a regular picture.

2. If used properly, the framing of the image will create the impression that the object is the focal point POI significantly separated from the total existing objects in the picture.

3. Framing the union will bring a more interesting composition for the contents of the entire contents / objects in a photograph. But these conditions are not usually found in the framing of pictures taken with the purpose to give a chance.

4. Framing will add to the context of the content on a photograph. In the example the first photo, the pack of cigarette who became the main object in the image will be used if the object was photographed without a frame. Thus the window frame, will be an empty object with no meaning if there is no pack in the middle.

Source frame we can use to create an image framing very much. Even if we can gel, the source of this framing can be found at any time wherever we are. Window, a chair leg, tree trunks, building docks, bridges and so on.

We want to apply the technique of framing, it is fundamentally we have to consider whether the objects we will use as a frame has an area sufficient to lock the object that we will make a POI. Other things in the rules of photography such as sharpness, light and others are less of a strength because the object in question will only be a frame, not the POI.
Position the frame in the picture framing can be the foreground, could also be background.

Images this blog by : Biyang

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