Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Selecting and Maximize Pocket Camera

Hobby Photography, Ordinary pocket camera is often referred to as regular cameras because the resulting picture quality was far below the quality of professional camera [EOS]. But when used correctly and we want to maximize my pocket camera, pocket camera can produce images that do not disappoint even close DSLR camera.

The following tips in choosing and using a pocket camera :
1. Selecting compact cameras equipped with image stabilizer and optical zoom. The camera has image stabilizer feature can reduce the occurrence of the image vibrates when you do the shooting. Why is optical zoom?, Because if you choose a camera with digital zoom feature with no optical zoom camera then you are just cropping images using a technique that results are not sharp with the decrease in resolution.

2. Checking the size of the camera sensor in the pocket to buy, do not be impressed by the number of Mega Pixel. Although large Mega Pixel sensor, but if the size is too small will not be able to produce the best pictures Mega Pixel camera is small but has a large sensor size.

3. Select features in accordance with the object to be captured image. For example, we will capture the natural landscape, and then use the existing landscape features on the camera so that the resulting composition is more harmonious. Do not dwell in automated feature, a feature that plays to the image that we can become more attractive.

4. If the lights in one room or area to take pictures enough, it's good we turn off the flash so that we can image more natural.

5. Position and the best way to sit or stand when we take a picture object also note that we can take a picture as a whole or not cut. A good way to sit down you can make it easier to hold the camera steady.

6. Human objects to photograph the scene background locations, the distance between the camera and the object sought is less than one meter. Do not let your background is too dominant. Or ask for an object closer to the lens no more than two meters.

7. When would take a photo, press the shutter button and hold for about two seconds. Wait until the green indicator light. If the indicator does not change your distance to the object may not qualify. Have to find another angle, fixed distance, and try other features.

8. Do not be too soon fascinated by an object seen in front of the eye. Wait for the right moment so the more dramatic images obtained.

9. Organize images stored on the largest dimension (JPEG). Megapixel DSLR camera is made for a different pocket.

All the camera can produce good images if appropriate, and how to use the maximum.

Image this blog by : Biyang

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