Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Golden Triangle Photography

Hobby Photography, Aperture, ISO and shutter speed (Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed)

A key part of getting the ideal picture hanging from the golden triangle of photography. Golden triangle photography is opening, shutter speed and ISO. The combination of the three determines the image exposure.

Aperture is the opening where the lens of the camera lens through. If you are in an environment where very bright light, then we can close the openings so that less light inside. If the dark environmental conditions, then we can open the lens opening so that the end result to be optimal.

This unique and sometimes confusing in the beginning was the setting opening number is the reciprocal of the size of openings. For example the small numbers mean big openings, while large numbers mean little opening.

Aperture also used to control depth of field (depth of field). Large aperture makes the depth of field becomes smaller, consequently background / future becomes blurred. Small aperture makes the depth of field becomes large, as a result of all fields in the image becomes sharp or in focus.

Each lens has a maximum and minimum openings. Figures contained in the lens as 3.5-5.6 means maximum exposure varies between 3.5 to 5.6.

Speed picker images / shutter speed camera is opening period to put the light sensor. The unit is the shutter speed in seconds or fractions of seconds. Usually starts from 1 / 4000 seconds until to 30 seconds. Variations shutter speed depends on the camera body rather than the lens like on the opening.

Shutter speed affect the picture in two ways. The speed of a high shutter speed to freeze a moving object. Low shutter speed / long time to catch the object of continuous movement.

ISO is a measure of sensor sensitivity to light. Sizes starting from the number 50, 80 or 100 and will double until 3200 or greater. ISO with the size of a small number means a low sensitivity to light, the ISO with a large number means the opposite.

ISO with a large number or called high ISO image quality will decrease because of the emergence of spots called "noise". Images will look speckled like sand and fine detail will be lost. But for difficult conditions as a bit of light in the room, high ISO is often necessary.

By playing with three basic camera settings, you will be able to make your photos into dark, light or moderate. Dark light in the picture the end result of course depends on your taste.

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