Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why more photographers using the viewfinder instead of LCD screen?

Hobby Photography, You may ask, why kok, photographers, especially those using digital SLR camera always use the viewfinder for composition images, rather than by using LCD screen should be more easily and clearly?

There are several answers, among others:
1. There are many digital SLR cameras that supply does not have live view feature, where you can see and composition image through the LCD screen. So the photographer had to use the viewfinder.

2. If there is live view feature, this feature of technology is still so low that the auto focus is very long (about 2 seconds) than half a second in ordinary compact cameras.

3. Viewfinder in digital SLR cameras much larger and clearly, this is because the sensors used in digital SLR camera 6-7 times more than ordinary pocket camera. In addition, you immediately see from the lens, so what you see is very accurate.

4. By pressing your body with the camera, the camera becomes more steady and stable, thus helping to reduce blurred images that result.

5. Under a bright light such as under the sun, the glare LCD screen, by using the viewfinder, it is not a problem.

Thus the reasons why many photographers use the viewfinder than the LCD screen, so it was not because of style only.

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