Monday, November 30, 2009

Outdoor Photography - Proper Lighting

Hobby Photography, Lighting is the most difficult part of photography for new photographers to master. Many new photographers post that they are natural light photographers but they are still confused when it comes to natural light. Below are a few tips and suggestions to help you get that perfect shot.

Best times of the day to shoot outside:
I can't give you a specific hour to begin because the correct time is going to continue to change throughout the year. Right after the sunrises is one of the best times to begin shooting outside. During this time there are not harsh shadows on your subject. As a beginning photographer the sun should be behind the photographers back. With the subject facing the light of the sun, it will also minimize the shadows. If you are scheduling a couple months in advance be sure to look at a sunrise / sunset calendar for your local area to schedule the best time for you and your client.

An hour before the sun starts to set is the other ideal time to shoot. The evening time gives an amazing glow to your pictures with ambient light and also helps reduce the shadows. Again as you are starting out face your subject into the sun.

Why not shoot during day:
If you shoot during the middle of the day the sun will be right above your subject and cause shadows on the subjects face. The shadows could come from hair and facial features. Shadows will take away from your subject and draw the attention to the shadows in the photograph.

Is Flash Necessary:
When your subject is facing the sun you do not normally need a flash. If there are clouds or shadows from buildings, trees, and so forth an on camera speed light will work. If you want to try to get the sunrise or sunset behind your subject you can use an on camera speed light. You want to only be three to four feet away from your subject when you shoot. This will take practice and be sure to watch your ISO.

Best of luck and hopefully this was helpful.
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