Monday, November 23, 2009

How Do You Protect Your Digital Camera?

Hobby Photography, Most of the people have switched over to Digital camera from the old analogue one. One of the main advantages of going the digital way is that you do not have to carry the film wherever you go. Also, it is very easy to transfer the pictures you have taken from a digital camera to a computer instantly. If you can take care of your photographic equipment, it will last long instead of buying a new one every year or two. Most common damaging factors for digital camera are moisture, dust and dirt and damage from improper handling. We will see how we can effectively take good care of our photographic equipment from these three hazards.

Moisture & Water
Moisture can damage your camera in different ways. If you are going to shoot on a rainy season, make sure to carry it on a waterproof case. If you do not have a waterproof case, even a plastic bag can suffice the purpose. Even if it is not a rainy season it is better to keep it in a waterproof case if you are strolling near to a pool and you accidentally dropped the camera in water.

Dust and Dirt
You will see dust everywhere. Dust can easily damage your camera lens and if dust goes inside, it can damage the mechanism. As much as possible, try to keep the camera inside your bag when you are not shooting. There are lots of lens cleaners available in the market. Buy one and clean the lens periodically.

Improper handling
Try to use a camera strap which you can tie it to your wrist or neck. This prevents it from accidentally dropping to the ground. The kind of damage varies from minor exterior scratches to the broken lens. Lens is one of the most expensive parts of the camera and if you can take good care by using these protective measures it will last long.

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